Sonntag, 13. November 2011

Yoga and Health!!!

just practised some Yoga. I always wanted to do Yoga, but didn't find the time for that. But since I often wake up in the morning with backache, I had a look in my Yoga-Box (got it as a present some time ago) and realized that pretty much of the exercises are the same I made at the physiotherapy. 

You can choose the exercises you want to do by picking out the cards. I want to practise every second day now! Hope I keep it that way....
The first time I tried Marcel joined me and had fun, too! Maybe he joins me more often ;)

And I want to stop eating so much chocolate....I definitely eat too much. Hope my skin will get better then!!! But that doesn't mean I will stop's just chocolate I will reduce :) It's nearly christmas time and I am allready planing what I will be baking.

Enjoy your sunday evening!!!


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