Sonntag, 6. November 2011

Cosy evening....

Marcel went out yesterday....and I had a cosy evening with tea and looking through books for handmade christmas-gifts.

While looking through the book season 4 of the big bang theory was on tv, love that series. I now know what I will bake next...MACAROONS!!! I will make them in red and green, because this years christmas will be red, white and green! Bought the first things for decoration on friday ;)
The book is realy cool, it's all about presents made in your kitchen. Some nice recipes are in it and tipps how to gift wrap them. Not only sweet stuff but also some nice dip-salts and oven-ready meals and so on.
Will show you  the results some cool-looking christmas macaroons!!!

The tea tastes really good, found it in the organic-food-department at Citti after Marcel tasted one of that sort at a friends place. This one is good to calm down and get ready for bed :)

That was my evening, nothing special just hanging around...


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