Samstag, 19. November 2011


I was looking through my magazines and books to find out what I will bake for christmas and St. Nicholas day. Found a cake Marcel really likes and he couldn't wait....Aloe-Slices! So, we went to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients, but we couldn't find any aloeyoghurt :/ Had to look for an alternative and foumd yoghurt with kiwi and gooseberry!!! 

The base is made of ladyfingers and 'next time a bit more' melted butter (and a spritzer of melon-sirup), really easy to do. But than I had to use gelatine!!! To get the yoghurt cream mixture stif. I'm always a bit nervous about using gelatine...don't know why?! It always went well...First time I tried, I had to ask my dad how to use it the right way :)

Marcel took the pics, now you can see how I work :D Not very special, sometimes I make a funny face because I'm so focused....

And that's the finished cake...

Normally you add another layer of cream on top, but Marcel was so enthusiastic at beating the ended up as nearly butter :D  He was a bit pissed, but it was okay after a few minutes. We left the cake as it was and got of to Marcel parents. The cake was really good, next time we will try a different taste.
What would you prefer???

Enjoy the weekend!!!


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