Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

Dinner is ready!

Hey, I'm very happy...I have the time to write as often as I want...YAY!!!
This time it's all about dinner....Marcel made some roulades allthough I don't eat the meat it was delicious.

Marcel ate three of them at once!!!That was monday...
Tuesday I made some potatoes with vegtebales.

And yesterday we had some pumpkin soup...and naan bread. I love naan bread!!! Didn't take any pics, it was a bit hectic in the kitchen...sorry! Still have some bread left want to make a dip later on. I wanted to try some naan bread in Tokyo but we did forget about it in all the cool things. There was a cute little indian restaurant on our way to the Yoyogi time :)

Have a cosy week (in your flat) ;)


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