Freitag, 30. März 2012

not fair...

I so wanna make so many things, a scrapbook, decorations for our garden, a bag for Marcel's tablet and so on, but I can't. My right hand is in a bandage and hurts when I put weight on it. :(
I have so many ideas thanks to pinterest and now I can't start. I also bought some of the stuff I need, and it's even more frustrating. Maybe I can start on sunday, I hope so.


Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

working with pugs

Marcel and I helped his parents and sister with hteir garden. We recently spend a lot of time outside, the weather is just great!!! Marcel and his brother-in-law put up a fence and I played around with the dogs and the camera. ;)


Dienstag, 27. März 2012


I started to use Pinterest!!! A really cool site to find inspiration, and show people your style.
If you like, visit/follow my site: HERE.
Hope to see you there. :P


Sonntag, 25. März 2012


Finally it's getting warmer and the sun is shining! I'm spending a lot more time outside now. Friday I went to a park with Marcel and watched a little squirrel. It was so sweet! *yay* Missed beeing outside and now I have more energy.

And in the afternoon we went to our garden and started to prepare it for planting. On the way we stopped at Dehner a big gardening center and I bought a few flowers. :D Marcel's muscles were aching the next day from digging. Will start planting in the next few weeks. I'm so excited!

It was so great beeing outside in our garden! Hope to be able to spend a lot of time gardening, I'm planning our first BBQ. *yummy* Perhaps next sunday? Did you spend some time in the sunshine? Hope so. I just came back from slacking with my brother, was my first try...not the best but it was fun. I think it's my turn with aching muscles. :S

Enjoy the weather!!!


Dienstag, 20. März 2012


I don't know if they are called like that in english. But have you seen the buttons on my header bar??? I thought it would be cool to show you the blogs I am reading. And I have a corner to show u some random pics, taken here and there. I will update that once a week or so.
Have fun looking around!!!


Ps: Love that pic, the colours of the macarons are amazing!!!!

Montag, 19. März 2012

Kitchen Action

I got a bit busy in the kitchen, wanted to make two cakes. One for Marcel's mother, it was her birthday on saturday, and one for my family, just a sunday dessert!!! The one for Marcel's mother was an oreo-cake, found that mix at Citti. It turned out to be really easy to make, don't have to use the oven once! ;) And everyone liked it, nice creamy and a bit like an oreo. We were in a hurry, so I'm really sorry, I don't have a decent pic of the cake...
And I don't want to mention the cake for the sunday dinner...I hate to beat 600g of cream :(
But before that all happened, Marcel took a few pics in the kitchen.

My mom helped me out with some cream and yoghurt, the cake was good anyway. Thanks mom!!!


Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

Purple Bunny!

Hey, I started to decorate the livingroom window new for spring!!! Marcel and I went to Depot, I have told you that I love that shop. There was so much, I had to figure out how my decoration would look like, more colourful or more countryside style...I like both. So, I went for purple and natural colours.
I bought a purple bunny and vases with artificial flowers. My favorite flowers!!!

There will be more eggs and stuff like that for easter.


Dienstag, 13. März 2012

New Design!!!

What do you think of it???
I played around with the designs and colors...not sure if it will stay like this, will see.


Montag, 5. März 2012


Made a new item for my shop...a bag to hang up for clothes pegs!!!

What do you think of it???
Any inspiration for me to upgrade my new bag?
And would you use one of them or do you even have something like that?


Donnerstag, 1. März 2012


I started to do more/any sport! Yesterday I went for a jog, not very long just 20 minutes and now I have the feeling I can't walk any stairs. :) But I want to start doing this more often, I hope to go for a jog every second day...will see. And I hope Marcel will join me, he had a cold and wouldn't want to risk to stay with a cough. But next time he will have to run!
And since Marcel started to use a nasal douche, my nasal douche, I use it too. I hope it will help if I use it every few days. I have to sneeze very often at work perhaps that will get better. Cross your fingers!
So, I'm doing much for my health:
-started to jog
-use my nasal douche
-eat salad

What are you doing to stay in shape???