Dienstag, 1. November 2011

First time.....

I told you that I bought a book about cake pops and now was the time to try a recipe...I was very excited because the pops always look so cute and cool. I first wanted to try some cool ones who look like skuls but then I thought that might be a bit too difficult for my first try and sarted with some easy ones, plain just with some sprinkles....thought it would be much easier but without candy melts and just normal chocolate coating it was a bit tricky to cover them. They were too heavy and would hold on the stick, had to try some technics until it was okay. But lets have a look...

destroy the cake........

creamcheese frosting and crumbles

Sorry, I coudln't take any pics while coating and to do it very quick...I still have 10 more balls left, want to do them tomorrow.
They are really tasty...moist...sweet....yummy!!!! But I think I will make the next few a bit smaller it's way too much for one bite. Marcel and I ate each two and were totally full... ;)

Now I'm looking for an online shop to buy candy melts and proper sticks for christmas. Want to make some snowman!!!

Have a sweet week!


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