Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Nothing special...

I had a good week at work, not so much stress and didn't have to work on saturday! *yay*
Not so much going on so far...went to friend on saturday evening to play kinect on the xbox360, was fun seeing people jumping around in front of the tv. ;)
And I updated my shop on DaWanda, i have 12 bags in stock now. There is a bag waiting for you!

*Lovely Leaves*

*Enchanted Cottage*


*White Triangle*

Will make a cake tomorrow, hope I don't forget to take some pictures.


Samstag, 18. Februar 2012


Hey there!!!
Started to sew some new items...I made a cool snood or loop scarve! I really like that one, it has a soft inner lining in violet and on the outside is a fabric with polkadots. I allready made a second one with a checked fabric, my mum got that! Do you like snoods? Here is a pic. I definitely will make more!!! Perhaps you will find them in my shop...

And I made some new bags, just have to take some pics to put them up in my shop :)

Have a productive weekend!


Montag, 6. Februar 2012


Tasted another Vitamizzer: Chill with green tea, ginseng and apple. Was really good, refreshing!


Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012


Fudge Cake!!!
A mix from Betty Crocker and really really tasty!

Relax and enjoy your life!!!


Freitag, 3. Februar 2012


Tried a present from my mum. A wonderful tea-blossom!!! Tasted really good and was fun watching it grow.


Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

Some OmNomNoms...

The last week wasn't very interessting...but I made sme dishes. Want to show you the pics!!!