Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011


I got a little surprise for my Schatzi when he gets home. At the moment he's at a friends place for pen and paper roleplaying. I hope he likes my surprise...I got a bit bored after building up a shelf and the bedroom was my new target...:-P

It's not finished, I want to write some black ZZZZs into the little bobles and perhaps Marcel and I write our dreams in the big one...I'll ask him.

It's my last day in peace...tomorrow I'll have to go back to work...:(
I'm not really sad but I would love to have some more free time...Then I might cook a bit more often.
Like yesterday I cooked some hot potatoes.......

But I meant it a bit too good with the sambal. It was a bit too hot for me but Marcel loved it thet way. He likes hot food as you probably know from our trip to Tokyo .

So, have a wonderful week.


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