Sonntag, 2. Januar 2011

New years eve!

How did you celebrate new years eve? What did you do? Did you have a big party? Or did you just sit with your friends and ate?
Many many questions....
Marcel and I planned to stay at home, eat raclette and watch a film...but a friend called and asked if we wanted to join them and have a sit-in at a friends place and play some xbox kinect. So, we ate raclette at 5pm and I made some rainbow-cupcakes to take with us.


om nom nom

We have a sweet little raclette with just 4 pans...just enough for 2 persons. There were tomatoes, tuna, onions, corn, potatoes, olive, pepper and beef. With the leftovers we made 2 salads for the day after.
Today (sunday) we'll have raclette again at my parents. You can't have enough...:-)

Here is one picture of my cupcakes. Didn't have the time to take more, but perhaps I remember to take some after dinner today, we have another 12!!!

you can see a bit of red and green
After a shower we went off to our friends.
Kinect is really fun to play...and exhausting!!!

100m sprint

At 12 o'clock we went outside and had a look at the firework going on. We didn't buy anything ourselves...much too expensive.
After playing a bit longer, Marcel and I made our way home. I fell into bed at 3am!


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