Montag, 10. Januar 2011


Went to Ikea with my parents this morning. Didn't buy anything special just wanted to look around. My parents want to do their livingroom so they were looking for some new bookshelves. And now they have to figure out what to pick and were to put them. I think they'll pick "Billy"...
I bought a box for my yarn and a little plant.

I already have two boxes, got them all in green (couldn't find a better pic, it's supposed to be green).
Also I got a lot of ideas for our flat. Maybe next month there is a little money left...;-)

At home again Marcel and I got on with rearranging, not ready yet.
I made bread fritters (arme Ritter) for Marcel for supper. Here some impressions:

Last week Marcel made the supper a few times so now it's my turn...
This I got last friday:

It was delicious!!! *yummy*
What do you eat for supper normaly?
Does your sweetheart makes it for you when you have to work?
Perhaps I finish our new table tomorrow...


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