Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

Next Week....

Tomorrow will be the last day at work.....YEAH!!!
for a week....I've got holidays....YEAH!
I hope I get some things done here at home. Marcel and I are rearranging the furniture in our livingroom and perhaps we switch a room. We'll have to see. I also want to paint the livingroom but I don't think we have the money for that...:( Perhaps I can paint our'll figure it out later.
And I want to sew a lot, before that I have to get some zipper at my local art supplies shop....and that's no good....I will leave a lot of money there when I have a run. There is so much I would love to craft and I can get everything I need there. I will have to take Marcel with me so I don't have the time looking around.He will stand behind me, saying:" Do you really need that? " or " Are you done now? " Then he will go outside waiting for me to come. That sounds like a good plan to me.

There is nothing great happening next week, but I will blog a lot...I think...
Perhaps I will meet up with some friends I haveb't seen for a while and I will do something with my mum.
I hope I can show you some finished bags at the end of the week.

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