Freitag, 14. Januar 2011


got a few things done already...I'm proud of myself! Haven't thought I would finish anything...
I'm crocheting most of the time, I am still learning but I did a stuffed little heart in one go. Not very hard but it looks okay for me:

And I'm trying my first scarf....the "baby radish lariat scarf" from Twinkie Chan's book "Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies". It won't look like on the pictures in the book but it's not too bad, you can imagine how it should look...;-)

I still have the leafes to go, the first one was really hard and I think I did something wrong...:-/
I'll put up some pics when I'm done!!!

Today I made breakfast for Marcel and me in our new dining room!!!
Yes, we now have a dining room. We put our 2 workrooms together and now we have more space in our livingroom by throwing things out. Not the final installement but it is much better this way! The chairs belong in the kitchen, we only have one for the table, doesn't matter....

not a very good picture...
We are still thinking about what to do with the aquarium...!? We have a number of ideas when we have decided I'll tell you. And when my new workingspace is all tidy I will put some pics here, it might only take ages...:-)
Ah, my parents bought Billy and we got some things too, have to put them together tomorrow.

Have a wonderful cosy weekend!!!


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