Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Winter Wonderland

On sunday our neighbours held a picnic in their backyard. Everything was made up with lights and fire and they had a tent. And I was standing in our kitchen making some crisps...delicious crisps!
I got a bit envious, so perhaps I'll make a winter picnic with Marcel in our garden....!?

I love selfmade crisps, I used to make them with my dad when I was little...

And finally I got to decorate our flat this weeekend. I hadn't got time till now.

the livingroom window

my room

and the only santa we have...
That's not all we have but the rest isn't good on a pic...sorry!
I hope it will snow again and we have a white christmas!!!

And then there was Nikolaus (what is it called in english?).What did you find in your shoe? Marcel and I got some tea, things for the kitchen and sweets at my parents place!!! Thanks!!!
And for my mum and dad he left some sweets at our place too. I think he messed up with the address...;-)

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