Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010


Good evening....
Because I have the early shift this week, Marcel is cooking...*yummy*
But yesterday we made dinner together...salad and chicken nuggets....
I made my salad with tomatoes, cucumber, corn and feta-cheese and as a special...GORGONZOLA!!!

Marcel's salad

our kitchentable

my plate!!!
The chicken nuggets were okay...were the cheap ones from Aldi. Won't try them again...sorry!
There was so much salad I could take the rest with me to work today.
I need some new ideas for dinner at work...what do you eat at work???

And who does the cleanup???

And today Marcel cooked stuffed paprika peppers...they were delicious...

the stuffing

But they needed really long...
And there was so much stuffing that Marcel made 4 meatpatties of it. My dinner at work tomorrow...;-)

And these are the made paprika peppers....

om nom nom

Schatzi's plate
Tomorrow is PIZZA-DAY!!!


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