Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010

Santa in the mall!

Marcel picked me up after work today. While he waited he took some pics of the Citti-Park (the mall I work) and he got to see Santa!!!


christmas decorations 

I bought a little present for christmas and a big bag for me...;-) But I have to sort one bag out for fleamarket, Marcel thinks I have enought...perhaps he's right...
Then we drove to Schönkirchen where my parents live. Last tuesday we started to paint the table from my grandma new. I'm sorry but I forgot the camera that time...but today Marcel took a few pics of the nearly done table. Don't wonder I'm wearing my jacket because we are in the winter garden which isn't heated!!!

The dots will get round when we finish I'm lokking forward to bring the table to it's new home!!!
My parents put out a bit of decoration and it looks realy cool with all the snow....yes, it snowed again and everything is white!!!!

on the way to my parents


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