Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010

Kalle and sewing...

We slept a bit longer today, we went to bed at 1am after a christmas-party at a friend. I'm so sad there is no more snow left, I'm hoping for some new one before christmas...;-) But the party was great, had some hot wine punch and made Jul Klapp! She decorated her hole flat into a christmas-land...very cool!!!

And today after dinner at my parents was time for some sewing...I made a wonderful Ekto-Kim bag in a light violette.

While I was sewing Marcel put more things together on "Kalle". "Kalle" is skeleton. I don't know how to discribe, so here are some pics of Marcel and "Kalle":

Marcel is still working on it and I think he is exploding in a few minutes...
It won't work as said in the description.

I hope I get the time to take some good shots of my bag for selling it in my DaWanda shop tomorrow.If you are quick you can get it for just 17,50€.


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