Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

Cinnamon stars and hearts

It was my free saturday and I used my spare time it for....BAKING!!!
Made some cinnamon biscuits...yummy...
Marcel couldn't resist trying the nom nom...
Didn't took really long and was easy to make, the most difficult were the whipped egg no problem at all. But there was my problem as usuall....too much dough...! The biscuits wouldn't fit in the oven at one go! It's always the same with cupcakes, it is too much for one muffin tray!!! Don't know how I do that...;-)

Marcel helped me but I think he ate more than he put in the oven...:-p But there came out enough. I think there are more than 50...
And they taste gorgeous!!!
I hope there are some cookies left for tomorrow to bring my parents.
Did anybody else bake some cookies? And which ones do you like most?

Have a nice weekend!!!


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