Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

Not much....

...going on these days. 
I stand up, go to work and come back home. Yesterday was a bit anoying because there was a big traffic jam on the way to my work and thatfor I was a bit late. But work was okay, not really that much to do, I had to work till 10pm...boring...
There are only a few presents left and I will get them tomorrow...hope so. I made a few myself but can't show...perhaps someone is reading this who will receive one of them...;-) But I'll post them later, promise!!!

Do you have got all presents? What did you buy? 
On friday I bake some cupcakes with apple and caramal frosting. Hope they'll be delicious!?
I'm going to make many pictures of our fest, the christmas tree and everything. I would love to see how you all celebrate christmas...perhaps some of you like to send me some pics...I'll collect them and make a big post with all of the christmas-pics!!!

I don't know if I get the time to blog again before christmas, so....have a wonderful christmas and a great time with your family!!!


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