Montag, 15. November 2010

Wish List!!!

Hey there!!!
I was just looking through Amazon and thought that I could pst my wish list here!
I love to read and have many books. I already have alot of books but I can't have enough...;-)
So, here's my list.
Kim's Wish List

Does anybody have a good book I should read???
Photobooks are great too especially from Japan...and I have books for everything selfmade...need something? Tell me!
But we need a new shelf for more books. And more time to read!
At the time I'm reading "Felidea 2" and the second one of  the Fablehaven series is waiting...
 and the third and fourth...
I often read in the kitchen at the breakfast table with a good tea and some candles lit.

So, tomorrow will be bread day again...I'll tell you how it went.


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