Freitag, 19. November 2010

Matcha Latte!!!

Hey everybody out there!
Today was just a normal day like every other friday, nothing special happened.
It rained all day again. I have the feeling it is raining sine 2 weeks now. And since I have the early shift at work I don't see the sun (or light I should say) at all...I stand up in the dark and it is dark when I get out of work...
Don't like it at all...:-(
So, I don't have to work tomorrow  and Marcel and I  are having a cosy evening!!!
And I am trying a new drink...I bought a bag with 2 portions of matcha latte!





It's an instant powder and it's delicious but perhaps I will try it the next time with warm milk...
Sadly I have just bought one bag and no more.

he likes it too...

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  1. Sorry, I forgott to write where I bought Japan...sorry Carmen...but perhaps you are lucky to find it in an asian market...