Dienstag, 2. November 2010


Hey, today I tried a new recipe for onion bread....and it turned out to be very delicious!
After breakfast (with my selfmade breakfast-bread) I prepared my kitchen to begin with baking. The batter is made with creamcheese and it's very easy to make. 
First I mixed the flour with the dried yeast and then I creamed together water, creamcheese, salt and sugar in a different bowl. After mixing the dry ingredients with the creamcheese mixture I left the batter at a warm place for about an hour...The next step was to knead the batter with my hands, I was affraid of that but the batter was that smooth and everything went perfect. Rolling out in a rectangle was easy aswell, I was so happy!!!

Batter with onionbutter

For the onionbutter I mixed butter and onionsoup-pouder.
I rolled up the rectangle and cut it into half...


to roll round one another.
Nearly ready to bake...
After leaving it for another hour at a warm place I baked it for about 30 minutes at 190°C.
In the warm oven...cosy!
It smelled so good that Marcel and I couldn't resist to take a bite...
But next time I would make a different shape, better to cut.
Ah, and like promised here some pictures of the jelly:

I'm already looking at recipes for cookies, I may try cinnamon-stars. I love them but I never made them myself, let's give it a try!


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