Sonntag, 21. November 2010

Arielle and sewing...;-)

Hey everybody!!!
I had the afternoon for me alone again and used it to relax.
After the shower I took, I put my Arielle the little mermaid CD in the player and began to sew some bags.
I like to sew but I can't do it as often as I want to, it's sometimes a bit loud and you can't just sew for a few, I often use the sunday afternoon for it when Marcel is at his roleplaying group.
And today I show you my workingspace...

my place...

some work of mine

And here's the CD I listened to.

And now I'm sitting in front of the Tv with a teapot.
What are you all doing?

Ah, and here are some random pics of Marcel playing around...;-)


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