Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

rainy day...

It rained all day, so work was good because it's inside. ;-)
But I get furious while driving....the other drivers are so slow!!!
Finally home it was time for dinner: onigiri!!!
I bought a pack of onigiri spices on our trip to Tokyo and last week we went to an asian market near our place to buy sticky rice.

sticky rice

onigiri spices
So I cooked the rice (too much just for two!) and added some of the mixed spices. It tasted good but very difficult to shape into a triangle. Marcel tried it a bit later with a cutter for cookies.

Marcels try  ;-)

I added some vegetables
It was fun to try to put the rice into shape!
There was so much that I can take the rest with me to work tomorrow!!!

And now we are watching Anthony Bourdain in Japan!
Fun to watch...


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