Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011

Back again.....

I'm so sorry I didn't write for quit a long time....we had some trouble with our internet....could pay the bill in time...;)
So, here I am back to normal soon. Will have to look throught the pics I took the last 2 weeks and will do some posts. I think much will be about our garden!
And my japanese is getting better and better...Marcel and I can chat a bit in japanese now. Not much, but things like: "Where is the cup?" and "She wears green trousers.". But more about that in a different post later on.

I enjoyed the wonderful weather and got a bit tanned! It rained the last days but I hope it's getting better again soon. I'm going to have three days of (sunday, monday and tuesday!!!) and want to do something in the garden or the beach. 
And we have done our entrance-hall...will post some pics soon!

Have a nice week!!!


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