Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Our garden!

Hey there...
We spend a lot of time in our garden right now and we are eating a lot of salad!!! We have tones of radishes and some lettuce and kohlrabi. I hope my peas will be ready soon, but there won't be s much as I hoped...the plants are really small...the soil isn't so good we think, so it's the first year next year will be much better!!!
Here some pics I took when the weather was good:

My onions are growing very good and the broccoli is huge!!! The potatoes need some more time a month or so, but tomatoes will be ready soon.
And we put up a plan for the next year...will change some things like put up some fences to prevent the plants from the wind and I will try mixed cultivation. Hope to get it all done for the right time to bring the seeds out!!!

Does anyone of you have a garden aswell?
Could swap ideas...?!

Good weather for the garden right now....rain, rain, rain....

Good night...


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  1. Ah, I forgot to tell you about our bali-flags we put up in the garden. Don't have any pics...yet. Promise to take some on sunday, if it's not raining...;)