Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

Wedding bells!

Yesterday was the wedding of Marcel's sister Kim. It was a bit stressy in the beginning but it was a great day! The wedding took place at the townhall in Preetz. Kim' and Sebastian's families and friends were there and as they came out there friends from the pug-meeting stood outside waiting for them.

the bridal couple

Marcel, a friend and I then went for the party location to put up the music and some more decoration. Kim, Sebastian, their parents and their witnesses to the marriage were at the fotographer, so we had some time to decorate. We were so hungry but we had to wait until everyone was back at the location ....very hard when the cake came....but it looked realy great.

And it tasted gorgeous.
When all guests arrived we started with the cake and all were chatting and laughing.

Marcel's brother made the buffet and it was delicous...

Kim and Sebastian had to do some the rest had a lot of fun...;)

the first dance

It was a great evening and we all had a lot of fun...thanks to Kim and Sebastian!!!


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