Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011


It was a beautiful sunny day and we spend most of our time in our garden. We did little work but we had dinner there with my parents, my brother and my uncle from England. We grilled and had to try a recipe for "bread on a stick" (Stockbrot halt ;). I really don't know what it's actually called in english...sorry...;)
Marcel made a thai-salad and my mum made a salad, too. We had plenty of food....

Dinner table

our garden

looking after my kohlrabi

AJ playing around
Marcel holding the stick...;)

 And that is what's growing....



That's not everything....there are peas and radishes and some salad...and broccoli and beetroot!!!
I already ate some radishes, they tasted so great!!!

Hope you could enjoy the great weather too.


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