Dienstag, 17. April 2012


Hey sunshine! ;)
Last sunday I spent time with my father in our garden. I have to admit, we now have 2 gardens! The new one, next to our old one, will be a garden of rest. Marcel will be designing it, there will be a small pond and a lot of flowers. My dad and I started to tear down the fence and had a look around. And we found a big toad!!! 

We are still preparing the garden for planting. I am so happy to be outside and start working in nature and I can't wait to see the first little green spots growing. My dad's seed is allready growing, I think his peas are about 2cm high and radishes are also growing.

our new garden

Last week I started to go jogging again, and I got ill again. It's the same like last time I tried, I get a cold everytime I start to do sport regularly. So, I'm waiting until I feel better to get going. But Marcel and I made some delicious green smoothies. Got a pic on my mobile, will post it later it's charging right now. :)

Stay healthy!


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