Dienstag, 10. April 2012


Hey, sorry for not writing for so long... I think I'm addicted to Pinterest. ;) That's such a great inspiring page. I just need an occasion for a party. :P
So, what happend. I didn't take much pics, sorry for that. I am growing some herbs in our kitchen now, bought them at Ikea. Hope they will grow really big!!!

Do you grow your own herbs for the kitchen? And what kind of herbs do you grow?

Sunday we went for brunch with my parents, it was their present for us for easter. A really yummy brunch at the Oblomow with freshmade crepes. *yummy*

I hope you all had a bunnyful EASTER!!!


PS: I made a snood and a bag for my mum, it was the birthday of a friend of hers.

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