Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Smells like Christmas!

yesterday was my free saturday and I made the best of it and started with BAKING!!! First I made some yummy and moist cinnamon stars. I love that cookies! They are so good and that easy to make. Just beat egg whites and add cinnamon, icing sugar and ground hazelnuts. On top it's just the beaten egg whites with icing sugar, so good.

I broke my bowl :(

Marcel and I then went for his parents, it was his fathers birthday! Had some good cake and goulash. Then back home I made about 48 mini CupCakes. I wanted to make 24 with apple and 24 with cookies, but I don't know what went wrong, the dough for the apple CupCakes wouldn't turn out right. It was all dry and just didn't look like a CupCake. Apart from that I made a few pics.

The ones with the cookie crumbles were good as ever:

I used the ready to spread icing, I bought a few days ago. Super easy to use and delicious. :) Made the decoration this morning.

Hope the weather will get better soon, snow would be great!!!


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