Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011


Told you I would do a posting about some new drinks! We found them at a SKY market near Kiel, a new one with zero CO2 emission. Would like to buy there more often but it's to far away. But here are the drinks. First one, a can of organic sparkling elderflower. Tasted really good, not too sweet and not too much of elderflower flavor (don't like that). Marcel wanted to taste it, so I just had a few sips.

 And I bought my second bottle of vitamizzer. It was time for energy! Was a good drink, but I didn't had the feeling the caffeine or taurine worked :/ I would still recommend the brazilian softdrink from the asian market, if you need something to wake you up :P

And then I tried Gerolsteiner Linée lime and raspberry. Not that good a little bit sparkling, but a wee bit too sour for me. For people who like flavored water it might be a good change.

So, some interesting tastes, hope to find some more next year ;) If you know where to find some new/funny drinks let me know, I will try it!

See you!


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