Freitag, 5. August 2011


Hey everybody!!!
Did tell you I brought some seasoning for onigiri from Japan and yesterday I try the one with roe. I started to wash the rice and after nearly 20 minutes my hands were all wrinkly!

the water has to....

...stay clear!!!
After cooking you have to cool the rice and then put in the seasoning!

I was relieved that the rice came out really good, not too sticky and not too hard. It was really easy to form the typical triangular shape of the onigiri if you moisten your hands. And I had some Nori too.

I had so much fun doing the onigiri that I couldn't stop myself and made two bento boxes for Marcel and me. We bought the boxes in Tokyo and it was the first time we really used them for bento!

I had so much fun doing all this...I think I will do it more often!!!
And it tasted very good..;)


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