Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Good weather!!!!!!!

We had good weather with a lot of sunshine the last 2 days. It was great!
Yesterday Marcel and I went to Hamburg with his mother, sister and her husband. His mother and sis both have pugs and there was a pug-race! Their to pugs Mylo and Tobi took part in the race, it was a lot of fun, because they wouldn't run alone but with Marcel and his sister. Here is a short video of Marcel and Tobi!

We had a great day in the sun (you can see it on Marcel's and my face :)! 
We were realy exhausted when we came home, so we just had a "Rules of Engagement"-Marathon and went to bed early. But I wasn't as tired as I thought and read my new book "Glennkill". Great! A sheep-thriller seen from the view of the sheep. 

Today after getting up late we went to our garden....

sweetcorn nearly ready



And now I'm at home and work on my shop on DaWanda. 5 new BELTYs!!!! And one BELTY for a special person will be ready later on! *football*
Tomorrow I have to get up Hope everything's fine there....

Hope you could enjoy the sun too.


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