Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2011


Hey everybody!!!!
I had a great week and spend a lot of time in the garden. On the first 3 pics you can see how fast the pumpkin grows....

It's really huge now and I hope to get some big pumpkins for Halloween!!!

Yesterday we harvested our first potatoes!!!! We dug out only 4 plants and got about 5 kg!!! And we started to work on the shed, we want to give it a new look. Will have to get some paint the next time! And we are thinking of a fence to block the view to the terrace. Here some more pics of the garden and the wall of the shed we started to work on.

that's what we kept, my parents and Marcel's parents also got some!!!

my cucumber greenhouse ;)

getting rid of the old colour



I ate some of the potatoes and they really taste gorgeous! Will have to eat a lot of potatoes the next few days...:) The spring onions are great and the first "normal" onions were a bit small but had a great taste too.

Have a wonderful day!!!


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