Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011


We had a sweet BBQ a week a ago....I forgot to tell you....
Marcel and I expected that it would be only my parents, my uncle and us since Andrew couldn't come, but it turned out that my parents invited my aunt and uncle, a few friends and my cousin with her family. Had a funny time and good food!!!


Marcel made a great indian- salad also he didn't know that we would need one...:)

I baked some cupcakes in my new tray: MINI-CUPCAKES. A baking-mixture again, but it was okay. Not very good but okay. The cream on top was a bit artificial. 
If I had known, that so many people would come, I'd have taken all of them with me! But all who wanted to taste them got a bite.

uhhhh they got a bit too big...

And at the end some pics of our plants:

The first 3 kilos of broccoli are in our freezer now and the next ones are ready on saturday, I think!!!
I will post some more pics on sunday if I have the time (there is the first birthday of a friend's daughter).

I wish you all good weather for the next days!!!


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