Sonntag, 6. März 2011


Yesterday was the Excess all Areas party at the Pumpe in Kiel. Was a great party, there were not as many people as last time but still very good. I had some friends over at our place as I have told you. 
I think we left here at about 12....Marcel had fun doing his job as a DJ.
Met some folks I haven't seen for a while....! It was a great night!
Hey, and I made dinner again...I think I start to like cooking...O_o
I made some spaghetti with cabbage and chicken.

om nom nom

Marcel loved it...I was a bit surprised!!! But it was a bit too can't get half of a white cabbage at our I made twice the portion! I gave some of it to my parents today and we still have much left, I think we will have to eat it another day.

Marcel has made a wonderful dessert I think on thursday....
Some apples with chocolate pudding out of the oven...*yummy*


Hope you had an exiting weekend as mine...
Have a productiv week!


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