Sonntag, 13. März 2011


It was time to bake again. I made a cake called "Affen-Schnitten" in German. In English....."Ape Cake"!?
I love this cake and it is so easy to's just the base, cut bananas and curd with gelantine and whipped cream....take a look:

Marcel took half of the baking tray today with him to his rollplaying-group. I hope they like it as much as I do!!! And I had a few left to take to my parents for dessert and they liked it.
 A workmate gave me the recipe and if any of you want it just write me.
Marcel and I made it to our garden before dinner today. My radishes can grow outside now!!! The garden looks good and I would love to show you the pics Marcel took with my mobile phone but I can't find the cable...XP

And here is my work of this evening.....


Double Green Atomium
Will add my label while watching NCIS and the Mentalist.....


PS: @Jana Bekommst natürlich einen Kuchen zum Geburtstag ;)

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