Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

Just waiting....

....for the weekend...
When I'm on late-shift I don't do a lot. So, not much is happening at castle Richardson/Wenzel!!!

On Sunday I had the time do make 2 bags, one for a colleague of my mum and the other is in store now. And I had time for my DaWanda store, loaded 2 new bags up and.....sold a day after one of them!!!
I think it's for the facebook page, i did for Ekto-Kim , I sold a bag. Hope to get some good feedback and some new customers.
On thursday we got to shop in Raisdorf, sorry I mean Schwentinental, And I bought a new crochet hook and some yarn...Not that much. Oh yes, and I bought the last missing thing for my new Ekto-Kim project....Don't want to tell much more, you will see soon in my shop!!!!
Don't miss it!!!!

Now I think I'm going to get ready for bed, so I can read my book.

Have a quiet and relaxing night!!!


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