Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

Back again!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I didn't write for quite a time...last week I had a cold and couldn't do very much so you didn't miss anything. On thursday I started to crochet a bit and got on with my Carrot Scarf!!! But I need another skein of orange see my local artsupplies shop again soon. :)

On saturday I felt much better and could battle with Marcel!!! We had a battle between Cupcakes and Muffins...Marcel made Banana-Muffins with a piece of chocolate in the center, he didn't have enough chocolate, so he made a few with gooseberry jam. I made some chocolate Cupcakes with a caramell center and some with sweet flakes for the caramell. Here are some impressions:

We got no real result which were better but it was fun baking and they all tasted good. The ones from Marcel with the chocolate inside tasted very good when warm but as they got cold the chocolate got hard again...same with my caramell, warm good, cold very hard to bite.
It was a fun day!!!

On sunday I went to my parents and in the evening our relatives came over to look through the slides we got from my grandparents. Everyone brought some food and we had some fun watching many slides of mountains and some very old ones of my mum and aunt. We made it through half of the lot!
So, we will have another slide-show evening...
And my mum wants to digitalise the slides, will save a lot of space...;)

I'm going to get my DaWanda-Shop freshed up. But you will know when I'm done!
Have a wonderful week!!!


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