Donnerstag, 1. März 2012


I started to do more/any sport! Yesterday I went for a jog, not very long just 20 minutes and now I have the feeling I can't walk any stairs. :) But I want to start doing this more often, I hope to go for a jog every second day...will see. And I hope Marcel will join me, he had a cold and wouldn't want to risk to stay with a cough. But next time he will have to run!
And since Marcel started to use a nasal douche, my nasal douche, I use it too. I hope it will help if I use it every few days. I have to sneeze very often at work perhaps that will get better. Cross your fingers!
So, I'm doing much for my health:
-started to jog
-use my nasal douche
-eat salad

What are you doing to stay in shape???


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