Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

Tea, chocolate and cookies!

Hey everyone, how are you? Everything better this year? ;)
I will have a surprise in a few days for those who haven't seen me since last year, but I have to take some proper pics before. So, keep checking my page or you will miss it!!!
Tea, chocolate and cookies....yes, I got some little presents from my uncle from England and my mum. 

 Got my breakfast-tea and cadbury chocolate from England, thanks very much!

My mum saw this magazine (or should I say cookazine?) and had to buy it. I just had a look inside and it's really cool, most of the recipes are easy to do and super for giving away as a present! I hope, I get the chance to make something out of this magazine. :)

I will tell when I do so. Hope you had a wonderfull weekend and wish you all the best!


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