Mittwoch, 20. April 2011

Finally back ....

Hey, I know I didn't write so long now....So, let's see what happened...
Last week Marcel and I went to Denmark with his family. It was a great trip, we stayed at a beautiful house and the weather was great just a few days with a bit wind. I fell asleep outside on sunday and got a little sunburn on my nose...:/
Here are a few pics...


Billard room

kitchen and living


a sheep-dog




I read a lot and Marcel and I went for a lot of walks around the countryside. And the dogs had a wonderful time I think...

And I told you I would show you pictures of our garden....
Here you are:

thumps up!!!

I love working in the garden....I am so excited to harvest the first things....and the first time to grill probably will be this weekend O.o
On friday I will be back in our garden, so wait for the next pictures...

I will have a quiet weekend, Marcel makes a journey to Sweden with his friends!!! I am starting a new book and I want to decorate a wall in our hall.

Before easter I will write again, have a nice and short week!!!


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